Flying A Damaged Glassair3


On the 21st May 2011 I departed Brantford airport in my Glasair 3 on route to Oshawa, at approximately 200 feet the Gull canopy on the left side (pilot’s side) detached itself from the fuselage.

There was a loud “BANG” and I thought that the canopy had collided with the tail section. I continued to climb, carefully checking for any control problems, there were none, thank goodness.

I declared an emergency, and told all concerned that runway 23 was mine along with any runway at the airport, fortunately, two other aircraft heard my call and stayed away.

The aircraft was marginally controllable, albeit with a lot of buffeting, deploying the gear down and flap
would also have some aerodynamic effects on the aircraft, (Attitude + Power = performance).

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